Digitalization and New Technologies

Are new means and methods of warfare compatible with existing international humanitarian law (IHL) rules? What challenges do big data and artificial intelligence (AI) pause to human rights? How to ensure the right to privacy and protection of the private sphere in times of war and peace?

New technologies, digitalization, and big data are reshaping our societies and the way they organize. While technological advancements present tremendous opportunities and promises, rapid developments in AI, automation or robotics raise a series of questions about their impact in times of peace and war.

Our research in this domain explores whether these new developments are compatible with existing rules and whether international human rights law and IHL continue to provide the level of protection they are meant to ensure.


Past projects


Human Rights in the Digital Age

Completed in June 2020

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Autonomous Weapon Systems under International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law

Completed in May 2017

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The Right to Privacy in the Digital Age

Completed in May 2016

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Non-Kinetic-Energy Weapons

Completed in December 2011

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Covid-19 Certificates: What are the Human Rights Implications?

6 July 2021, 13:00-14:30

In this Human Rights Conversation, panellists will discuss the implications of ‘vaccine passports’ or ‘digital green certificates’ for data privacy and human rights.

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World Map News

Three Papers Map Contentious Issues Related to the Application of International Law to Military Cyber Operations

22 June 2021

Three new Working Papers – researched by the Geneva Academy in the context of our joint project with the ICRC on the digitalization of armed conflict – address some of the main issues of contention concerning the application of international law to military cyber operations.

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Winning Essay Discusses Digital Safe Havens to Protecting Civilians from Military Cyber Operations

17 June 2021

In her winning essay Digital Safe Havens: Sheltering Civilians From Military Cyber Operations, Isabelle Peart brings forward novel suggestions on how to reduce the risk of harm to civilians posed by military cyber operations.

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