Health and Other Insurances

Recipients for toxic products Recipients for toxic products

Health Insurance

Health and accident insurance is mandatory when living in Switzerland. You are therefore required to provide proof of coverage within three months of your arrival. Citizens of the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) who do not wish to subscribe for the Swiss insurance, may obtain an exemption from the insurance obligation by following the procedures listed below.

EU or EEA Nationals

Make sure that your insurance will cover your expenses in Switzerland and send a copy of your European insurance card to the Geneva cantonal health insurance office (Service de l'assurance maladie) upon obtaining your residence permit.

Non-EU or EEA Nationals

Several insurance companies offer student insurance at affordable prices. Our Moodle Platform gives information to incoming students about possible companies.

Further Information during Orientation Week

A special session is dedicated to health insurance during Orientation Week, allowing you to ask all the necessary questions.

Personal Liability Insurance

When obtaining the residence permit, it is necessary to sign the personal liability insurance. Advisor Swiss Insurance will also be able to offer you preferential rates.

Household Insurance

For those living in Geneva, it is recommended to have a household insurance. By having a status of the student, Advisor Swiss Insurance will be able to offer you preferential rates.

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