Extracurricular Activities

A MTJ student practical exercise A MTJ student practical exercise

Extracurricular activities allow our MTJ students to focus on issues addressed in class with experts and practitioners, explore new subjects, and develop their network in Geneva and beyond. They enrich the MTJ programme by widening our students’ perspectives and knowledge of topics related to transitional justice (TJ) and practical challenges related to TJ processes.

TJ: Voices from the Ground Series

TJ is today a well-established field of knowledge, theory, and practice built across diverse disciplines. While TJ was initially conceived as a top-down institutional process, practitioners and human rights activists have been involved in its making since the beginning, engaging at different levels, including through the community, as well as at the local, regional and global levels. Today, TJ policies at the global and regional levels recognize the need to ensure that bottom-up approaches are respected.

The ‘Voices from the Ground’ series will provide a platform for our students to interact with practitioners and activists who contribute to TJ's everyday making. Guests speakers will share their experiences in setting up, running, working, or resisting various TJ mechanisms and processes.

This unique activity will allow them to expand their understanding of how TJ is implemented at different levels and will familiarise them with challenges that appear in its implementation. In addition, students will also have the opportunity of expanding their professional network.

Human Rights Mechanisms Series

This series of events on human rights mechanisms aim to improve our students’ knowledge of both United Nations (UN) and regional human rights structures and procedures, including the different actors that can engage within such a complex ecosystem.

It will allow them to meet and learn from selected guest speakers who live the different mechanisms during their day-to-day work, adding a first-person perspective to the learning experience. Professionals from different human rights mechanisms –  including staff from the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, independent experts, diplomats, and regional courts registries – will discuss their institution of belonging, their monitoring and/or complaints handling functions, as well as the main challenges they face in their daily work.

This extracurricular activity is coordinated by our Research Fellow Dr Domenico Zipoli, who has extensive experience in the work of international and regional human rights mechanisms.