MAS in Transitional Justice: What our Students Say

19 January 2024

Cynthia Ayaa Komakec is enrolled in our Master of Advanced Studies in Transitional Justice, Human Rights and the Rule of Law (MTJ). In this interview, she tells about her background, the programme and what it will bring to her career.

About Me

I have a background in peace and conflict studies and seven years of work experience in conflict and post-conflict situations.

During the Uganda civil war, as a Youth Project Officer with an organization called Gulu District NGO Forum, I empowered the youth to positively participate in decision-making processes and make their voices heard in advocating for the peaceful end of the civil war. I then worked for an organization called Human Rights Focus as a Research and Advocacy Officer. In this position, I monitored human rights promotion and protection during the post-civil war in northern Uganda. I also worked for an organization called Refugee Law Project at Makerere University in Uganda as the Senior Research and Advocacy Officer in a programme on conflict, transitional justice and governance. Lastly, I also worked with the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in the area of transitional justice under the rule of law programme in Uganda.

Besides work, I love traveling and visiting historical sites.

Why did you choose the MTJ at the Geneva Academy?

I chose this programme because of its focus and the breadth of the courses covered – from introductions to transitional justice to more specific transitional justice issues. Overall, the programme is developing our skills to make actual positive change in the world using not only legal frameworks but also political science, anthropology or history.

What are you particularly enjoying about this programme?

I appreciate its focus on practical issues that professors address during classes and exchanges with actors that promote justice and peace.

Would you Recommend it?

Yes, I would recommend this programme to everyone who is interested in working in transitional justice contexts. Coming from Uganda, this has a particular relevance to me and, for sure, to many other students from my country.

What are you planning to do next?

I am hesitating between pursuing a PhD in transitional justice or conflict analysis – or working with an international organization or agency that promotes human rights, peace and justice. In any case, I know that at some point I will pursue a PhD.

Why did you choose to be photographed in front of the Geneva Academy?

The Geneva Academy has a beautiful campus, a historic building and a garden. With this photo, I want to capture the beauty of the institution and its surroundings.


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