Newly Graduated LLM Alumnus Publishes a Condensed Version of his LLM Paper in Prominent Blog

14 November 2023

Our LLM alumnus Ioannis Bamnios – who graduated in October from our LLM in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights – published the main and very innovative argument of his LLM paper on the ‘conduct of hostilities in occupied territories’ in the leading blog Articles of War of the US Military Academy at West Point.

Direct Civilian Participation in Hostilities and its Application Within the Gaza Strip

His blog post forms part of Article of War 2023 Symposium on Israel-Hamas and aims to shed light on the circumstances under which civilians in occupied territories lose protection from direct attack. In this post, Ioannis Bamnios explores direct civilian participation in hostilities and its application within the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, analyzing inter alia mutual exclusivity of hostilities and occupation.

‘My blog post is a shorter version of my LLM paper on the direct participation in hostilities in places where there are no ongoing hostilities (in the IHL sense of the term) and applies the findings of the paper to the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The knowledge I acquired during the drafting of my LLM paper enabled me to write this piece and provide a legal response to one of the issues that arose after the recent eruption of hostilities in Israel and Gaza’ explains Ioannis Bamnios.

‘Our alumnus developed in his LLM paper an innovative and nuanced solution to a question of great contemporary relevance for IHL and war victims. Now he succeeded in having his core idea published in a blog very much read by military lawyers all around the world. I can only hope that those involved in an occupation will follow his advice’ underlines his LLM paper supervisor Professor Marco Sassòli.


View of the book cover page News

Exploring the Principle of Non-Intervention: New Book by Swiss IHL Chair Marco Roscini

26 February 2024

In his new book, our Swiss IHL Chair Professor Marco Roscini dissects the principle of non-intervention – a core principle of international law and a pillar of international relations.

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Military use of AI Drone News

New Report on Artificial Intelligence and Related Technologies in Military Decision-Making on the Use of Force in Armed Conflicts

13 May 2024

This report examines themes that arose during two expert workshops on the role of AI-based decision support systems in decision-making on the use of force in armed conflicts.

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Neutrotechology Project

Neurotechnology and Human Rights

Started in August 2023

This project addresses the human rights implications stemming from the development of neurotechnology for commercial, non-therapeutic ends, and is based on a partnership between the Geneva Academy, the Geneva University Neurocentre and the UN Human Rights Council Advisory Committee. 

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A session of the UN Human Rights Council Project

IHL Expert Pool

Started in January 2022

The IHL-EP works to strengthen the capacity of human rights mechanisms to incorporate IHL into their work in an efficacious and comprehensive manner. By so doing, it aims to address the normative and practical challenges that human rights bodies encounter when dealing with cases in which IHL applies.

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Cover of Report Publication

Artificial Intelligence And Related Technologies In Military Decision-Making On The Use Of Force In Armed Conflicts: Current Developments And Potential Implications

published on May 2024

Anna Rosalie Greipl, Neil Davison, Georgia Hinds

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