New Offer: Online Short Courses in International Law in Armed Conflict

8 September 2020

For the upcoming 2020–2021 academic year, our 16 short courses in international law in armed conflict will also be offered online – in addition to taking place in Geneva.

‘Many professionals working in a situation of armed conflict face, in their daily tasks, challenges whose resolution requires some legal tools and knowledge of the legal framework and the protection afforded by international human rights law (IHRL) or international humanitarian law (IHL). Our aim, by opening these short courses to an audience outside Geneva, is precisely to bring this legal knowledge to the field’ says Professor Gloria Gaggioli, Director of the Geneva Academy.

‘These courses are also of interest for a Geneva-based audience – diplomats as well as staff member of an international organization or NGO dealing with humanitarian and human rights issues – and we therefore also continue to offer them at our Headquarters the Villa Moynier’ she adds.

A student during a Geneva Academy cours, holding the Geneva Conventions

From the Basics of IHL and IHRL to Specific Topics like Counterterrorism or the Protection of Refugees

The 16 short courses cover a wide range of issues and topics, ranging from introductory courses on general international law, IHL and Armed ConflictInternational Criminal and Transitional Justice, Human Rights Protection, and Economic Social and Cultural Rights, to more complex issues like the interplay between IHL and IHRL, the classification of armed conflict or accountability for atrocity crimes.

Participants can either choose one specific course or follow several ones, starting with the introductory courses and then move to the ones that are more specific. As we offer these courses every year, this can be spread over several years.

We also offer courses on specific issues like preventing and combating terrorism, international refugee law, sanctions or the responsibility to protect.

Two New Courses on the Implementation of IHL and IHRL

Another novelty of this academic year is the two new courses – given both in Geneva and online – on the implementation of IHL and implementation of IHRL.

‘We aim, with these two courses, at looking at the other side of the coin: how does the law apply in practice, the mechanisms for its implementation and the challenges one can face’ says Professor Gaggioli.

Two leading experts – Dr Lindsey Cameron, Head of the unit of Thematic Legal Advisers in the Legal Division of the International Committee of the Red Cross and Professor Olivier de Frouville, Member of the United Nations Human Rights Committee – will share their extensive experience and expertise with participants.

Member of an armed groupo holding an ICRC leaflet on IHL

On Thursdays Evening, Fridays Late Afternoon or Fridays Evening

Each short course consists in six classes of two hours each that take place on Thursdays evening (18:00–20:00), Fridays late afternoon (15:30–17:30) or Fridays evenings (18:00–20:00).

Part of the Executive Master in International Law in Armed Conflict

These short courses form part of our Executive Master in International Law in Armed Conflict. As such, participants in these short courses will join other professionals enrolled in this programme.

‘We have had participants who followed one or two short courses and then decide to enrol in the Executive Master. In these cases, they get a discount on the Executive Master’s tuition fee’ explains Professor Gaggioli.


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