Past Events

Fresh green trees from above Event

The Right to a Clean, Healthy and Sustainable Environment: Consensus Building on its Scope and Links with Other Human Rights

5 March 2024, 14:30-15:30

This side event to the HRC 55th session will discuss the scope of the right to a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment and its links with other human rights.

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Mali, Ménaka Region, Tassassat village. In this village, the ICRC has installed a watering place to support the villagers who are affected by the combined effects of conflict and climate change. IHL Talks

The Weaponizing of Water in Contemporary Armed Conflicts

27 February 2024, 12:15-14:00

This IHL Talk, organized with the Geneva Water Hub, will discuss the weaponization of water in contemporary armed conflicts and the importance of IHL and human rights law in preventing and mitigating the consequences on civilians.

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Cover page of the book Event

Book Launch: ‘Equality and Non-Discrimination in Armed Conflict, Humanitarian and Human Rights Law in Practice’

21 February 2024, 18:30-20:00

The author and leading experts in IHL and human rights will discuss humanitarian and legal issues pertaining to equality and non-discrimination in armed conflict, based on the findings presented in the book.

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A ruined old home in Shingal (Singar) following war with the Islamic State Event

Yazidi Survivor’s Law: Reflecting on Progresses, Challenges and Way Forward

29 January 2024, 11:00-13:00

This event, co-organized with the Global Survivors Fund, will discuss the adoption in March 2021 by the Iraqi Parliament of the Yazidi (female) survivors’ law and its implementation.

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A session of the UN Human Right Committee Event

Transparency in nominations and elections to UN Human Rights Treaty Bodies: Towards a New Vetting System?

13 December 2023, 17:00-18:15

This discussion will look into election processes for UN TBs, the impact of Feminist Foreign Policy on this process, what can we learn from fellow international mechanisms, as well as the inclusion of a vetting process.

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Opening of the confirmation of charges hearing in Al Hassan case IHL Talks

Aggregation, Governance and Nexus: The Legal and Practical Implications of the ICC’s Al Hassan Case

7 December 2023, 18:00-19:30

Panelists will address the relevance of the case for armed conflict classification, rebel governance, the protection of cultural property in armed conflicts, and the nexus requirement.

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Open mine Event

Alpha in Adversity

28 November 2023, 15:00-16:30

This event will explore the current challenges to rights-respecting investment in conflict-affected and high-risk areas.

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Logo of the Atlas Network ATLAS

Women's Perspectives on a Career in International Law: Navigating Human Rights Advocacy

28 November 2023, 12:30-13:30

This event, co-organized with the ATLAS network, will feature women with diverse experiences and career paths in international law, specifically emphasizing their involvement in human rights advocacy.

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 Palestinians inspect the damage following an Israeli airstrike on the El-Remal aera in Gaza City, October 2023. IHL Talks

Al-Aqsa Flood and Iron Sword: Legal and Humanitarian Challenges

24 November 2023, 12:15-14:00

This IHL Talk will address important IHL questions and related controversies arising from the recent escalation following the Al-Aqsa Flood attack conducted by Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and Israel’s subsequent Iron Sword operation.

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Afghanistan, Khandahar. After a road bomb destroyed a US Army vehicle, troops are patrolling the area to look for clues. Military Briefings

The Operationalization of Protection of Civilians Military Frameworks: Military and Legal Challenges

22 November 2023, 18:30-20:00

This Military Briefing will discuss NATO's protection of civilians military frameworks and explore some of the current military and legal challenges connected to the operationalization of PoC efforts.

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