Public Presentation of Candidates to the United Nations Human Rights Committee


Human Rights Committee Human Rights Committee

On 29 May 2024, State parties to the United Nations Human Rights Committee will meet in New York to elect nine members of this body composed of eighteen independent experts, tasked with overseeing the implementation of the Convention by member States. Members act in individual capacity and should live up to the criteria of independence, impartiality and qualification as laid out in the Addis Ababa Guidelines agreed in 2012 among the Chairpersons of UN Treaty Bodies.

Organized by the Geneva Human Rights Platform in co-operation with TB-Net, CCPR Centre and GQUAL, this online event will provide an opportunity to the nominated candidates to present themselves in an informal venue open to State representatives and civil society, addressing their candidacy in view of the requirements set out for membership by the treaty and relevant official documents. The candidates will also be invited to reply to questions shared beforehand by civil society representatives.

The aim of this online event is to enhance transparency in the nomination and election process of Treaty Body Members. A concept note and list of confirmed speakers is available above. Please register here to participate.