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11 November 2020, 15:00-17:30


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Peasants’ Rights in Austria


A farm in Austria A farm in Austria

FIAN Austria

In December 2018, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly adopted with a large majority of countries the UN Declaration on the rights of peasants and other people working in rural areas (UNDROP).

Time has come to to see how this international human rights instrument can support the livelihood of rural populations in Europe and contribute to the full realization of the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development and to a successful Decade of Family Farming.

It is fundamental to put peasants at the centre of more sustainable food systems and their governance, in order to overcome growing levels of hunger and inequalities in today’s world. Peasants are also essential in the preservation of natural resources and in the development of agroecological farming methods.

National laws and public policies shall accord to new human rights standards and promote the full implementation of UNDROP, including the right to seeds.

In order to promote the implementation of the UNDROP in Austria, this online event, co-organized with FIAN Austria, aims to:

  • Share information about the UNDROP and the UN Decade on Family Farming (UNDFF), with a special focus on the right to seeds
  • Highlight the relationship between the UNDROP and the UNDFF on issues such as food and agriculture policies, seeds and biodiversity
  • Identify challenges and good practices related to UNDROP standards and discuss a civil society plan of action.


This online public conference will take place online on the platform Zoom.

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