Henning Lahmann

Henning Lahmann

Associate Researcher

Areas of expertise

International Humanitarian Law  /  International Human Rights Law  /  Autonomous Weapons  /  Cyber Security  /  Transnational Security  /  Disinformation  /  Information Operations  /  Hybrid Warfare  /  Privacy

Henning Lahmann conducts research at the Geneva Academy in the context of the project on disruptive military technologies.

He is also a senior researcher at the Digital Society Institute at the ESMT Berlin. His work focuses on cybersecurity and transnational security, disinformation and information operations, human and civil rights, privacy and data protection, internet governance, and the use of AI in conflict situations.

In 2019, he was a visiting research fellow at the Israel Public Policy Institute and the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv, funded by the Heinrich Böll Foundation, for a project on disinformation campaigns and information warfare in international and public law.

Henning Lahmann worked as a senior policy advisor at the Berlin-based think tank iRights.Lab and held research fellow positions at the Walther Schücking Institute for International Law at the University of Kiel, at the University of Potsdam, and at the Collaborative Research Center 'Governance in Areas of Limited Statehood' (SFB 700) at the Free University of Berlin.

From 2014 to 2018, he was the German correspondent for Freedom House's annual Freedom on the Net report.

Research Projects

Screen Shot of Obsolete, a game made for the 7DFPS project in 7 days. Download for PC and Mac Project

Disruptive Military Technologies

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