Tatiana Avanthay

Tatiana Avanthay

Communication Officer

Tatiana Avanthay is the Communication Officer at the Geneva Academy.

She assists the Communication Manager in all communication-related tasks, and develops video content for the Geneva Academy website and social media. She is also responsible for all IT issues at the Geneva Academy and for setting up online courses and events.

Tatiana holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from the University of Savoie, as well as a Diploma of Advanced Studies in Project Management from the University of Geneva.


Felix Kirchmeier

Manager of Policy Studies and Executive Director of the Geneva Human Rights Platform

Jonathan Andrew

Research Fellow

Domenico Zipoli

Research Fellow, Geneva Human Rights Platform

Chloé Naret

Project Assistant, Geneva Human Rights Platform

Julio Veiga-Bezerra

Consultant, Geneva Human Rights Platform

Nathalie Mivelaz Tirabosco

Communication Manager

Tatiana Avanthay

Communication Officer

Human Rights Platforms

Develops Connections

The GHRP creates new opportunities for all stakeholders in the field of human rights in and outside Geneva to meet, exchange information and debate topical issues and challenges related to the functioning of the Geneva-based human rights system.

Delegations at the UN Human Rights Council

Reflects on Functioning

As a ‘Mechanisms Lab’, the GHRP supports the international community to engineer solutions to ensure the sustainable functioning of the Geneva-based human rights mechanisms and bodies, allowing them to address human rights challenges effectively.

View of the UN Human Rights Committee during a meeting

Builds Capacity

Via training courses, targeted research and publications, briefings for diplomats and expert roundtables, the GHRP supports the international community to engage more effectively with the Geneva-based human rights mechanisms and bodies.